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Brazilian Soccer Training Center, in conjunction with Miami Youth Soccer Organization, is proud to host Jogo Bonito The Champions Cup 2020, a soccer tournament for boys and girls teams that range from U8-U12. The winner of Jogo Bonito The Champions Cup will receive the privilege of housing the Jogo Bonito Champions Cup for the year. Designed and handcrafted by famed Brazilian/Miami artist Romero Britto, the Jogo Bonito Champions Soccer Cup is the most beautiful, unique, and valuable cup in US Youth Soccer. 

Jogo Bonito The Champions Cup 2020 begins on Friday, March 20, 2020 with the team check-in. After check-in is, will be followed by two days of championship-level games and a closing ceremony in which the winners will be presented with the Jogo Bonito Champions Cup. 

The Jogo Bonito Champions Cup is sanctioned by the Florida Youth Soccer Association (FYSA) Club Owner Reception/Check-in.

Jogo Bonito Champions U10
Jogo Bonito Champions U12 Girls
Jogo Bonito Champions U12 Boys
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